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Public Safety

Vision Statement:

1. Our criminal justice system practices restorative justice resulting in low recidivism and keeping jail population low and significantly reducing jail costs

2. Our first responder safety system is efficient, innovative, and effective; rapidly providing highly trained response

3. Parks, public spaces, and streets are family friendly and safe to enjoy free of crime and drugs 24/7

4. Our community embodies an attitude of responsibility to look out for one another to reduce crime and augment emergency medical response

5. An engaged citizenship creates collaborative partnerships with traditional law enforcement agencies to make our community safe

6. Our city is respected as having the lowest crime rates in the Nation

7. Our community creates adequate funding for public safety by adopting consistent and predictable funding sources (i.e. increasing property taxes and decreasing sales tax)

8. Our police force understands gang psychology and addresses gang issues in the community

9. There is accountability for City and County governments

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