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Vision Statement:

1. We embrace a culture of a highly-mobile community through viable alternative transportation options (e.g., buses, light rail, shuttles, bicycles) to reduce road congestion and automobile-generated pollution.

2. The Pikes Peak region has a comprehensive, integrated, reliable, and prolific multi-modal transportation infrastructure (e.g., bus, light rail, auto, bicycle) that enables universal rider (including disabled, youth, seniors) access to all points within and beyond the city, including access to/from the Colorado Springs airport and statewide access.

3. Commerce, leisure, and commuting along the Front Range from Albuquerque to Cheyenne are significantly improved by a state-of-the-art green rapid transit system.

4. We have a top-quality, robust, and highly integrated biking infrastructure (e.g., trails, facilities, loaner bikes, maps) that encourages cycling-based transportation for functional and recreational purposes.

5. A walkable-city concept is created through the designation of automobile-restricted zones throughout the city as well as a marquee element of a downtown pedestrian and transit mall (e.g., Tejon)

6. Safety of all people should be paramount.

7. Alternate forms of transportation should be made more viable by making them more affordable.

8. The Pikes Peak regional planning commission applies cutting edge urban and suburban planning design to achieve sustainable, multi-modal communities. Transportation is an integral part of all planning and zoning decisions.

9. Our transportation infrastructure must be maintained and expanded to meet the needs of our community. Maintenance must be supported with sufficient funding.

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