dreamcity_logoDreamCity 2020 Vision Statements:

Below is a listing of the "Vision Statements" from each of the 10 Quality of Life Indicator areas.  Each vision statement outines the core vision, philosophy, orientation, goal and or objectives for this particular area of focus.  It is intended to capture the spirit of cooperation, collaboration, and intention for excellence as a community.  These Vision Statements were "captured, collected, and communicated" through a variety of community "Visioning" sessions and roundtables that were comprised of over 3000 local citizens in over 300 groups.

Economy - Vision Statement

1. Our business environment makes us a region of choice for new employers as we encourage entrepreneurship and have a vibrant, diversified and resilient regional economy.
2. Our community supports infrastructure improvements in a planned and robust manner, including physical, social, and intellectual infrastructure that is attractive to future generations.
3.  Our employers attract the Nation’s best talent for quality jobs and have a commitment to community.
4. We support and protect the core of our economy, including local business, industry, tourism, the military, education, amateur athletics , and a vibrant downtown.
5. There are a variety of employment opportunities throughout our region offering attractive wages.

Social Wellbeing - Vision Statement

1. We embrace a diversity of thought, politics, faith, and culture.  We respect the uniqueness of each individual while  creating  and maintaining a cohesion that unifies us as a community.
2. There are consistent opportunities to connect intergenerationally through community events, social networking, volunteerism, and leisure activities.
3. We share a collective social responsibility and care deeply for all in our community. We actively seek ways to connect and support our seniors, at-risk youth, the homeless, and those with mental and physical disabilities.
4. Our public, private, and nonprofit sectors provide comprehensive, coordinated and conveniently accessible services that meet our citizens’ needs.
5. Our community supports our public health, safety, and transportation services which promote a rich quality of life.

Natural Environment - Vision Statement

1. We are a model green city for the nation, relying on renewable and sustainable energy, including a commitment to solar- and wind-generated power.
2.  We recycle and reuse our resources. Everyone has access to affordable curbside recycling of plastic, glass and metals.
3.  We utilize efficient and conservative water resource management, and require that new construction meet the highest conservation standards.
4.  We have multiple uses for parks and open space, and we preserve the natural landscape that defines our community.
5.  There is synergy between the built and natural environments.

Health - Vision Statement

1. We have a broad range of quality health care options that are accessible to all.
2. Our community enthusiastically promotes and enjoys healthy recreation and physical fitness activities. Our mountains and other natural features brand the Pikes Peak region as the outdoor capital of the West.
3. We support and enjoy a healthy environment that includes clean water, air, soil, and local food options.
4. The education, prevention, and treatment for mental health and substance abuse improves lives in our community.

Education - Vision Statement

1. Our community encourages, rewards and sets expectations for lifelong learning.
2. We are a leader in early childhood through post secondary education.  Our schools operate with maximum administrative efficiencies and the community supports the focus on student learning needs at all levels.
3. We embrace and support non-traditional learning opportunities and flexible education options.
4. We are known for our robust regional approach to collaborations and partnerships, which include cross-district initiatives, apprenticeships, internships, mentoring, school-to-work transition programs, tools for parents, and superior technology.
5. We celebrate diversity, equality, and access to quality education regardless of geographic region, socioeconomic status or school district.
6. Higher education institutions provide an economic power-base in key research and learning areas.

Arts/Culture/Recreation - Vision Statement

1. Our varied and abundant arts scene creates a vital community that attracts and welcomes the creative class.
2. Our communities are infused with a multitude of arts and cultural offerings – including vibrant arts districts – that are family friendly and accessible year round. The Pikes Peak region is a nationally recognized cultural hub.
3. We celebrate our unique regional history to create an exceptional experience for our visitors.
4.Our governments take an active interest in stimulating, promoting, and supporting arts and culture.
5. We enjoy and embrace a diversity of cultures, and our many forms of artistic expression reflect that diversity.

Transportation - Vision Statement

1. We embrace a culture of a highly-mobile community through viable alternative transportation options (e.g., buses, light rail, shuttles, bicycles) to reduce road congestion and automobile-generated pollution.
2. The Pikes Peak region has a comprehensive, integrated, reliable, and prolific multi-modal transportation infrastructure (e.g., bus, light rail, auto, bicycle) that enables universal rider (including disabled, youth, seniors) access to all points within and beyond the city, including access to/from the Colorado Springs airport and statewide access.
3. Commerce, leisure, and commuting along the Front Range from Albuquerque to Cheyenne are significantly improved by a state-of-the-art green rapid transit system.
4. We have a top-quality, robust, and highly integrated biking infrastructure (e.g., trails, facilities, loaner bikes, maps) that encourages cycling-based transportation for functional and recreational purposes.
5. A walkable-city concept is created through the designation of automobile-restricted zones throughout the city as well as a marquee element of a downtown pedestrian and transit mall (e.g., Tejon)
6. Safety of all people should be paramount.
7. Alternate forms of transportation should be made more viable by making them more affordable.
8. The Pikes Peak regional planning commission applies cutting edge urban and suburban planning design to achieve sustainable, multi-modal communities. Transportation is an integral part of all planning and zoning decisions.
9. Our transportation infrastructure must be maintained and expanded to meet the needs of our community. Maintenance must be supported with sufficient funding.

Public Safety - Vision Statement

1. Our criminal justice system practices restorative justice resulting in low recidivism and keeping jail population low and significantly reducing jail costs
2. Our first responder safety system is efficient, innovative, and effective; rapidly providing highly trained response
3. Parks, public spaces, and streets are family friendly and safe to enjoy free of crime and drugs 24/7
4. Our community embodies an attitude of responsibility to look out for one another to reduce crime and augment emergency medical response
5. An engaged citizenship creates collaborative partnerships with traditional law enforcement agencies to make our community safe
6. Our city is respected as having the lowest crime rates in the Nation
7. Our community creates adequate funding for public safety by adopting consistent and predictable funding sources (i.e. increasing property taxes and decreasing sales tax)
8. Our police force understands gang psychology and addresses gang issues in the community

Community Engagement - Vision Statement

1. We enjoy the benefits of a close relationship between our local higher-educational institutions and the local community.
2. Our citizens readily embrace community trusteeship, bringing a high degree of community involvement, sense of ownership, personal responsibility for our future, and pride
3. Citizen sweat-equity offsets taxes—volunteerism helps create that capabilities, attributes, and deliver the services in our community that otherwise would go unfulfilled or require tax dollars. (volunteer hours attracts State and Federal investment)
4. Our community embodies an attitude of responsibility to look out for one another to improve quality of life

Built Planned Environment - Vision Statement:

1. A vital downtown Colorado Springs is a focal point of the greater Pikes Peak area preserving, creating, and promoting a safe and vibrant hub for business, family entertainment, culture, arts and educational activity. Downtown will be a destination for local residents and area visitors. Downtown Colorado Springs incorporates mixed use development creating a high density area that is walkable, bikeable and pet friendly.
2. Community hubs reflect unique characters. Our neighborhood centers provide all basic needs in close proximity. Attributes of these areas are interconnected trails, open space, community gardens, family and pet friendly. Development and redevelopment consists of mixed-use, mixed-income with single and mult-family housing and higher density areas.
3. We are recognized as a sustainable community and environmental impact is considered in all decisions. Sustainable buildings are sited for energy efficiency in natural environments. We maintain open spaces, trails and other natural resources; conserve native vegetation, wildlife habitats and ecosystems in order to insure clean water, clean air, abundant wildlife, parks and wilderness areas for present and future generations. We are a community that conserves water use indoors and out.
4. Our community respects and preserves its historic origins and western heritage while promoting smart growth, affordable housing and economic development. Attention is paid to reducing sprawl by balancing natural and built environment and old versus new development. Smart growth is defined and maintained by a collaborative process between citizens, City, County and State governments.
5. Community leadership within and outside of City, County and State governments must collaborate to articulate, promote and advance a shared preservation and development vision for the entire Pikes Peak area. Balance the conflicting and competing ideas with understanding and respect. Insure that no neighborhood or community is left behind in terms of quality of life, economic opportunity and access to community services.