Summit Day

Summit Day !

It was a beautiful summer day starting off for the participants at the first Annual DreamCity 2020 Summit held at Coronado High School in Colorado Springs.  Over 300 people were in attendance to participate in "Forging the Future" of Colorado Springs to create a better community and quality of life for its citizens.  Many of the attendees shared their views and perspectives on a wide variety of topics as a number of leading champions and visionaries presented their findings after communicating directly with over 3,000 citizens over a year and a half time-span.



The organizers of Dream City would like to thank the hundreds of volunteers who made the first summit such a success. And a thank you to the contributors and the 300 people who showed up, hoping it can lead to positive change in our community.
THE NEXT STEP: Dream to action
We will invite individuals and groups working toward one or more of the 50 vision priorities to let us know about their efforts.